Much Better Bets: A Slideshow about Romance, People, & Pets

The two slideshows I’ve done on Loudon Wainwright songs (“Men,” and “Dead Man”) exemplify Loudon in his serious, almost philosophical mode, although he is probably better known for his sardonic, humorous side as well as an almost brutal, self-mocking honesty and insight. I’m pretty sure this is supposed to be a funny song (the audience laughs, anyway), but like a lot of humor it has a rather cutting edge to it that cuts rather close to home.  Personally, I think it would be a great song for a holiday for all those people without Valentines (perhaps February 15th, or maybe the Ides of March).  It is also a tribute to all those non-human companions that make life bearable (ha! Note the visual pun in the last frame).  The song is, of course, “Much Better Bets,” and this is the version from his “So Damn Happy” live album (a great album, by the way).

This is for Sharon, Curt, and Ziggy (they’ll know why if they watch it to the end).

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