Topsy: A Bob’s Burgers Tribute Slideshow (with a big excerpt)

This is going to be something of a change of pace, partly because I’m not really sure what to do with it (this is probably the only slideshow I’ll make devoted to Bob’s Burgers). It is my favorite episode, and I have to admit I made it mostly because I love the song “Electric Love,” but also because it is both funny and powerfully affecting. It certainly touches on themes I seem to repeatedly return to (the suffering of the innocent (while calling into question that innocence), the way in which history gets falsified in order to promote the interests of the rich and powerful, and–of course–flatulence.  It is basically built around a clip of the central scene of Tina (acting the part of Topsy the elephant) who is seemingly executed with the help of Teddy the local handyman and burger afficianado at the hands of her sister Louise.  What I tried to do is place the execution of the elephant in the context of the so-called “war of the currents” between alternating current and direct current, especially as personifed in Tesla (AC) and Edison (DC). It  was of course, a war that Edison won (at least in America), and in some sense his very public demonstration of the dangers of alternating current was a major victory in that propaganda war (thus causing Edison’s stock price to go up so that he died a very rich man, while his competitor died penniless). It is an American success story, while at the same time being the American failure story, one the dream, the other the nightmare that Topsy (who wasn’t exactly the innocent pachyderm that Louise makes her out to be) experienced long before Tesla did.   Hope you enjoy it. Bob’s Burgers, by the way, is a show I only gradually learned to love, but I do love it now.  I include the original credits, so everyone gets full credit for the stuff I didn’t do (and you get to the hear the chorus a few more times, which is probably the real reason I decided to include it).

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